Nbostudio is a light fashion original brand, formed by a group of young people who do not ask where they come from, but only for their dreams. The pursuit of characteristics in fashion and the pursuit of simplicity in trends are the direction of Nbostudio, and it is also the lifestyle pursued by more young people. Our philosophy is the friction between fashion and small freshness, inheriting the characteristics of elegance and self-satisfaction, and the design is unassuming and simple. And fashion, on the basis of pure streetwear, adds high-quality materials to create products and details. Our customer group is also very obvious, young and fashionable personality, but also like the simple and decent youth, exaggerated design, simple fashion, not cumbersome, not flamboyant, but also fashionable! Nbostudio always pays attention to the needs of street youth, and keeps exploring and breaking the existing boundaries while maintaining its original intention